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I have MOVED! Hope you will join me in my new journey HERE!



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I have just discovered the intricate artwork of LA based artist Melissa Manfull. Her art is inspired by rocks and crystals. Soooo lovely.


Fornasetti’s Muse

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Piero Fornasetti was a Milan painter, sculptor, interior decorator, an engraver of art books and a creator of more than 11,000 items. Fornasettis production of objects and furniture is one of the largest of the 20th century.

His most famous pieces are the plates known as Themes and Variations which feature the enigmatic face of of a woman in different designs. The woman who would go on to populate the surface of over 350 variations of Fornasetti’s plates was Italian operatic beauty Lina Cavalieri whos face for Fornasetti represented archetypal classical beauty.

For some reason I have always tried to stay away from Fornasetti and its strange almost novelty plates and accessories but recently i have been drawn to certain more whimsical designs out of the 350! Here are some of my current discoveries…

The Chair Thief

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So a friend of mine (Real Homes features editor Alex Toso) has after years of working in the design industry, revealed her design fetish – chairs (mine is Illustrative Prints) – and started a blog, I Love Chairs!

I always think discovering something like this about someone in the industry is so so interesting and little voyeuristic. Their decision is also almost always surprising – especially when someone is so willing to commit to their passion by dedicating a whole blog to it. Go Alex!

So after years of sidelining her passion – stoically filing every chair that popped into her inbox – i am guessing Alex has built up quite an imaginary collection – this is definitely one to check out – and the lady knows her stuff!

Anyway – browsing her blog i found a site to steal! Kolmorgan (for some reason i can’t link this try kolmorgen.com)- a Danish design company that deals with and sells original pieces – oh my!

The thing that fascinates me about Danish furniture is it’s ability to look like a fantasy collection of furniture – almost like cartoon furniture – with its extra padded structured seating, clean lines and pale pastel colours.

Here is some seating eye candy from Kolmorgan inspired by Ms Toso.

New Year…

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So we are moving home this month and for some reason all the things i have been wanting to do are centred around the move, i will re-start the gym, i will cook more, i will have my own room to work in and therfore work better in. It all centres around organisation! Sooooo – what better way to organise myself than go on a hunt for the perfect Calender! This one is a glooooorious contender…from Orange Beautiful

Dutch Hues

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I could weep when i look at paintings by Johannes Vermeer – i don’t know what i’d do if i ever saw one in person! Recently i have been taking inspiration from his lush interior composition – one day i would love to work on a fabric campaign in this way…

Love not War

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Mel Robson is an Australian ceramacist who is fascinating me right now with her unusual installations and one off pieces for the home.  I especially like the textures in her work made from the imprints of cutglass.. You can check ut more of her work on her blog.