Mustache and Darling

I have been harbouring a gently bubbling fascination with Mustaches of late…not the kind grown on men but ones that i am inclined to feature in my home. There is something charming and cheerful about the graphic shape of a handlebar moustache – something whimsical and comforting about having a dandy in your home!

Even the word has something old fashioned about it – i especially love the way the title of this post (the name of a boutique hair salon in Canada) rolls around in the mouth with the word darling. You think me curious?! Here are some objects of my affection.

Light Up Mustache Prop

Mustache Disguise from Something’s Hiding in Here

Mustache Necklace from Supermarket

Mustache Keyholder from Suddenly its Real

Mustache Shapes


~ by Rohini on August 19, 2008.

One Response to “Mustache and Darling”

  1. i really love your moustache shapes.
    my name is nicole, moustache and darlings is my shop.
    i am glad you appreciate the name, and found it inspiring too.
    it is doing what was intended of it then!

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