The Chair Thief

So a friend of mine (Real Homes features editor Alex Toso) has after years of working in the design industry, revealed her design fetish – chairs (mine is Illustrative Prints) – and started a blog, I Love Chairs!

I always think discovering something like this about someone in the industry is so so interesting and little voyeuristic. Their decision is also almost always surprising – especially when someone is so willing to commit to their passion by dedicating a whole blog to it. Go Alex!

So after years of sidelining her passion – stoically filing every chair that popped into her inbox – i am guessing Alex has built up quite an imaginary collection – this is definitely one to check out – and the lady knows her stuff!

Anyway – browsing her blog i found a site to steal! Kolmorgan (for some reason i can’t link this try a Danish design company that deals with and sells original pieces – oh my!

The thing that fascinates me about Danish furniture is it’s ability to look like a fantasy collection of furniture – almost like cartoon furniture – with its extra padded structured seating, clean lines and pale pastel colours.

Here is some seating eye candy from Kolmorgan inspired by Ms Toso.


~ by Rohini on October 28, 2008.

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